Women's Self Defense

image Our Women's Self Defense Classes are the best in Austin! We make our classes fun and educational, and we welcome all questions and concerns you have about your safety. You'll find our classes give you a new confidence about your ability to defend yourself. Contact us to see what we can do for you, your family, and friends.

Our classes are great for:
  • Working women who have to walk through parking lots and garages alone every day.
  • Young women heading off to college and living alone for the first time.
  • Church groups, Girls' Clubs, Girl Scouts, and other women's groups.
  • Everyday women who live, work, and shop in America. It's better to be prepared!
  • Men and boys, too! Men are expected to already know how to defend themselves, and that's not always true. We can help prepare boys and men for self defense situations just like we help women and girls.

image We've worked with Keller Williams Realty, Paskett Realty, Pacesetter Homes, and others to help real estate agents gain confidence on the job. We've also worked with Austin Radiological Association, which employs a high number of women who must interact with new people all day, every day. We've taught classes for Human Scale and other local companies, and often teach classes for local churches. We can teach you how to handle people who become too familiar too quickly and how to escape from grabs. How to prevent dangerous encounters as often as possible, and what to do when you can't get out them. We also teach how to de-escalate a situation using varying levels of force, depending on the situation and level of danger.

image Gain confidence in our classes! We have over 10 years of experience running Self Defense classes, so come see what we can teach you and your family and friends. Our classes are done by appointment only, so please contact us for more information on available times. We can hold classes at our martial arts school, or we can come to your location.

Our classes are regularly $15 per person, but please contact us for more details regarding class location, available times, group minimums, and specials. If you are looking for classes for a large group, or are a company putting together a group event, contact us for special group rates.

Testimonials from some of our past clients:

Ricky came to our Keller Williams office and showed us how to protect ourselves in case we were ever attacked. His knowledge was invaluable and his demonstrations were easy to follow and extremely helpful. He showed us some simple techniques that would be very beneficial if we were ever in a situation where we needed to escape. He and his wife and family were very professional and "hands on" and showed us what to do. They gave us some comfort in knowing that we can protect ourselves which gave us confidence. We intend to practice what they taught us and to have them come back on a regular basis to continue to enhance our skills.

Mary Ann Nations
Team Leader
Keller Williams SWMC
Austin, Texas


As a sales representative for a home builder we have to have the safety of our staff and guests in the back of our minds at all times. We work with many Realtors and asked Ricky to come to our sales model and teach our team and local Realtors the basics of how to stay safe, aware, and what to do if any situation presented itself. Ricky shared with us many quick and easy ideas to stay safe and how to get away and/or defend ourselves if necessary. The best part about it was that Ricky made it fun and presented it in a realistic manner rather that approaching it from a fear based perspective. Thanks Ricky and looking forward to having you out again.

Spero Stavros
New Home / Custom Specialist
Hill Country Artisan Homes

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