Little Dragons
Beginner Class for Ages 4-6

image At Mu Sool Won of South Austin, we believe martial arts can benefit everyone. That's why we offer a special class for our littlest martial artists. Our Little Dragons Class is for all beginner kids aged 4-6 years (please ask us about your 3 year old!).

We'll train your child in life skills that will benefit them in their everyday lives. They'll learn confidence and independence. We'll help them develop respect for others through cooperation with other students of their age and skill level.

Our curriculum includes:
  • Martial arts training, including kicking, blocking, and punching.
  • Important life skills that will help them from this point on.
  • Personal safety skills.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Development of confidence, respect for others, self-esteem, teamwork, and cooperation.
  • And so much more!
Come in for your free trial class! Visit our contact us page or drop by the school for more information on enrollment. We're currently accepting new students to our Little Dragons program.