Children's Program

image Our Children's Program is a healthy combination of hard work and fun. We believe that when working with children, hard work, discipline, and conditioning are not enough. The students must also enjoy what they are studying to keep them coming back and continuing to progress.

Each class is customized to fit the needs of the students attending that class. This allows each child to grow individually, and to progress at his or her own pace while still being able to work with others. All students will be challenged to do more then they think they can, and through hard work, concentration, and consistent practice, will achieve their goals inside and outside of the do-jang.

image Your child will receive the benefits of:
  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Personalized Training
  • Goal-setting & Achievement
  • Practical Self-Defense
  • Training with Peers
  • Respect for Self & Others
  • Body Conditioning
  • All the martial arts training of our Adults' Program

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